A Brief Overview Of The Spinal Surgery In Istanbul Turkey

Best Spine Surgery Hospital In Istanbul Turkey

Spine Surgery Hospital In Istanbul

In most of the cases, it is always recommended that when an individual first develops some of the visible symptoms regarding spinal related concerns such as lower back pains, they are primarily assessed for any signs of lower back pain or neck pain and advised to maintain a healthy and steady set of physical activities to check whether the issue is resolved.

The next phase includes a thorough examination of the counter medications, or pain relief and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Although, as suggested by the experts of the Best spine surgery Hospital in Istanbul Turkey

it is possible to cure a few patients with spine issues non-surgically.

Before contemplating surgery, other factors such as physical therapy, home workouts, medication, and occasionally spinal injections are recommended. If the issue persists, then surgery becomes the only option.

Cases in which you need spine surgery from the Best spine surgery Hospital in Istanbul Turkey

  • In case of a back pain

The most common case is where the patient feels spinal pain, particularly in the lower back, and neck areas. Lumbar muscle sprains are the most frequent causes of back pain. The thoracic spine may be one of the causes of spinal pain, but it is observed that a major contributor to this is the lumbar and cervical spine as these are stiffer. Get the right treatment for your spinal pain from the Best spine surgery Hospital in Istanbul Turkey.

  • In case of injuries

Spinal cord injury can result from damage to the spinal column's vertebrae, ligaments or disks, or to the spinal cord itself. A severe or fatal injury that fractures dislocates, crushes one or more of your vertebrae can be the consequence of a major catastrophic blow to your spine. It can also result from a wound that penetrates and slices the spinal cord from a bullet or knife.

Due to bleeding, swelling, inflammation, and fluid accumulation in and around the spinal cord, further damage normally occurs over several weeks. Connect with us, we are the Best spine surgery Hospital in Istanbul Turkey and we offer our patients the accurate cure that helps to treat spinal injuries.

Types of back surgery

spine surgery Hospital in Istanbul Turkey

While dealing with the spinal treatments, there are various kinds of back surgeries that are offered at the Best spine surgery Hospital in Istanbul Turkey.

  • Diskectomy

It is a surgical technique used to separate the injured part of your spine's herniated disc. A herniated disc can irritate nearby nerves or compress them. Diskectomy is the most viable ailment for pain radiating down the arms or legs.

  • Laminectomy

It is a procedure that opens up space by the removal of the lamina, the back of a vertebra that protects the spinal canal. Laminectomy, also known as decompression surgery, expands the spinal canal to reduce stress on the spine or muscles.

  • Spinal fusion

A neurosurgical or orthopedic surgical procedure that connects two or more vertebrae is known as spinal fusion, also referred to as spondylosis or spondylosyndesis. This operation can be carried out at any stage in the spine and prohibits any movement between the separated vertebrae.

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