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Breast Surgery


At Get Well Healthcare, our skilled plastic surgeons in Turkey can expertly increase a woman’s breast size for fuller shapeliness and increased self-esteem. Conversely, Plastic surgeons can also reduce the breast for better comfort and less physical strain. Regardless of your aesthetic goals, Our plastic surgeons have the skill and technique required for the breast procedure that suits you. Whether adding symmetry or restoring the breast following a mastectomy, Get Well Healthcare provides patients with enhanced feminine contours and improved body proportions. 

Aesthetic breast surgery includes surgical procedures that target reparation, restructure and reconstruction of the breast to improve appearance and confidence. There are three general categories of cosmetic breast surgery: breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction.

Breast corrections aims changing the shape and size of the female breast. These include breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast lift, and nipple correction. Many women become dissatisfied with their breasts over time because the contours change, and the breasts no longer correspond to their own body feeling. In addition to, the breast’s shape is genetically determined, and only plastic surgery can bring about changes. Breast corrections are performed to improve function and ability and achieve a more typical appearance of the affected structure. Plastic surgery is a personal choice and should be done for yourself.  



Breast Augmentation

Breast Lift

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reduction

Nipple Correction


Breast Enlargement in Turkey

Breast enlargement or breast augmentation in Turkey is a cosmetic surgery for increasing breast size with breast implants or fat transferred from other parts of the body. It can also be performed for altering the shape of breasts or diminishing any asymmetry in breast size.

Breast Enlargement procedure
Breast augmentation can take from one to two hours and is performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation.Incisions are made in the previously agreed area during consultations, most commonly around the nipples, under the breasts, or in the underarm area. Breast implants are inserted either under or over the chest muscle, depending on the type of implant and desired outcome.

There are different ways to place breast implants:
● In the most common technique, the surgeon makes a cut (incision) on the underside of your breast, in the natural skin fold. The surgeon places the implant through this
opening. Your scar may be a little more visible if you are younger, thin, and have not yet had children.
● The implant may be placed through a cut under your arm. The surgeon may perform this surgery using an endoscope. This is a tool with a camera and surgical instruments at the end. The endoscope is inserted through the cut. There will be no scar around your breast. But, you may have a visible scar on the underside of your arm.
● The surgeon may make a cut around the edge of your areola This is the darkened area around your nipple. The implant is placed through this opening. You may have more problems with breastfeeding and loss of sensation around the nipple with this method.
● A saline implant may be placed through a cut near your belly button. An endoscope is used to move the implant up to the breast area. Once in place, the implant is filled with saline.

The type of implant, size of the implant, and implant surgery can affect:
● How much pain you have after the procedure
● The appearance of your breast
● The risk for the implant breaking or leaking in the future
● Your future mammograms, additional views will be required to allow visualization

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Breast Enlargement Postoperative care & recovery

After breast enlargement surgery, the breasts are covered with gauze and elastic bandages as they heal. Thin tubes might be placed under the skin for draining any build-up of excess blood or fluids. You are instructed on what medication to use for healing and how to take care of the chest area during your recovery. A follow-up appointment is arranged.

During the first few days, activity should be reduced to a minimum, and any form of physical strain should be avoided for up to six weeks after breast enhancement.
One to five days are usually needed for the pain to recede, while the swelling typically goes down after several weeks when the breast enhancement’s final results should be visible.
The breast enhancement scars can take from a couple of months to a few years to fade.
It is advised to make inquiries with your surgeon concerning the period immediately after the surgery and during recovery. You may have questions about where you will be placed after the surgery, what medications you will be given, and when to arrange an appointment for follow-up care. Regular examinations should be done to determine the condition of the implants and overall health of the breasts.

Breast Lift in Turkey

Turkey is at the top of the list of destinations for breast lift or mastopexy surgery. And for good reason, the most highly trained doctors in this type of operation are located there. Performing a boob lift in Turkey allows you to take advantage of one of the best healthcare systems in the
world and experienced health care professionals. In addition to the health care advantages, Turkey offers the opportunity to have a breast lift at a lower cost. 
During the normal aging processes, skin loses its elasticity and resilience. Even women’s breasts cannot escape this phenomenon and this affects their self-confidence, their sexuality and even their everyday life. The time of this process and effects varies from person to person.

There is no doubt that a breast lift massively strengthens a woman’s well-being and self- confidence because if a woman is no longer convinced of the appearance and the effect of her breast and suffers from the lack of aesthetics, it can lead to psychological stress.
A plastic-aesthetic procedure in our clinic in Istanbul can help you to be proud of your own bosom again and to restore a harmonious body fe
eling. Nowadays, more than twenty different incisions are used for breast lifts. Which one will be used may depend on various factors that the doctor and patient discuss and decide together. The size of the breast, the condition of the skin and connective tissue and the position of the nipples are decisive prerequisites for the technique used to create a natural breast contour with a minimum of scars. A breast lift in Istanbul has an impact on the patient’s self-esteem that should not be underestimated. That is why our specialists in the clinic in Istanbul take a lot of time during the consultation. We value your individual ideas with the possibilities that the procedure offers from an aesthetic point of view. Of course, the medically relevant framework conditions such as previous illnesses, possible allergies, the course of the operation, possible complications and risks as well as the postoperative part are discussed. For breast lifts in Turkey, the consultation can also take place on the date of the operation and is free of charge.

The different breast lift techniques used according to the grade of breast ptosis

The choice of mastopexy technique to correct breast ptosis depends on its grade and whether the volume of the breast needs to be treated. When the volume of the breast is sufficient, the placement of breast implants or lipofilling is not necessary. The plastic surgeon proceeds with a breast lift to tighten the skin and give the breasts a shapelier shape. The excess skin is removed, and the breast gland is left intact. When the volume of the breast is insufficient, the plastic surgeon can perform a mastopexy with implants. The implants will then fill in the neckline and bring the necessary volume to the breast. In the context of a mastopexy, breast augmentation can also be performed by lipofilling. The breast is then lifted, and the breast is filled by the injection of fat.Depending on the procedure performed and the degree of breast ptosis to be corrected, the scars will be in different places. The scars of the breast lift may be located around the areola (or periareolar scar) for corrections of mild breast ptosis, around the areola and vertical in the case of moderate ptosis, or around the areola and in the shape of an inverted T (or sea anchor) to correct severe ptosis.

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Before and after Breast Lift

Before the breast lift surgery, Get Well Healthcare patient coordinator will redirect you to a preoperative examination with a blood sample, an EKG examination and an analysis of your state of health. The operation usually takes around three to four hours and is always performed under general anesthesia. You’ll stay at the hospital for the first night and except an excessive physical exertion, you can continue your routine day activities just a few days after the procedure. After a total of 6 nights, you can then start your return journey from Turkey. From the second week onwards, you can return to normal activities, but not do any physically demanding activities. Keep in mind that you will not be allowed to participate in any physical activity for six to eight weeks. The scars should also not be exposed to sunlight or solarium radiation for two to three months.

Breast Lift Postoperative care & recovery

After breast lift surgery or a mastopexy, the patient may experience moderate pain, which can be alleviated by taking painkillers. A support bra should be worn for 1 month after the boob lift. Prolonged swimming and physical activity should be avoided for 2 months after the breast surgery.


Breast Reduction in Turkey

Breast reduction plastic surgery for reducing the size of breasts by removing breast fat, tissue, and skin for medical or aesthetic purposes.
Breast reduction can take from two to five hours and is performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation.
Incisions are made around the nipples, and excess skin, tissue, and fat are removed. In some cases, just liposuction is enough to perform the procedure. The exact method will depend on your preferences and type of issue. You will find a rich selection of clinics offering breast reduction surgery in Turkey, Get Well Healthcare will assist you to find the best plastic surgeon in Turkey for your breast reduction surgeryat low cost.

Breast Reduction Techniques

During the procedure, there are several common types of reduction techniques and incisions for removal. The most common is a T-shaped incision, called the anchor technique, which extends from the top of the areola, down and along the natural curve of what will become the new breast crease. Many surgeons prefer this incision for removing larger amounts of tissue, as well as to correct severely sagging breasts.
The next technique is the vertical incision, which goes around the top of the areola in a v-shape down the midline of the breast.Another technique is called the free nipple graft, which removes the areola and the nipple, and places them higher on the breast after excess tissue has been removed. For certain candidates, it is possible to use liposuction to remove excess fatty breast tissue, as well as to remove fat in close areas around the breasts.

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Breast Reduction Surgery

During breast reduction surgery, the nipples and the areolas remain fully attached to their original blood and nerve supply. As the breasts are restructured, they are raised into their new, smaller position on the chest.
Once properly positioned, the area beneath the areolas is brought back together and sutured together to complete reshaping. During breast reduction surgeries, there are often surgical drainage tubes placed in the breasts. This allows fluids to escape from the breasts, and helps promote healing. The newly restructured breasts are covered in dressings, as well as bandages or a compression garment. The use of these helps the breasts maintain their proper shape while healing. From start to finish, the breast reduction surgery usually takes about two to five hours to complete.

Breast reduction Postoperative care & recovery

After breast reduction surgery is completed, swelling and discoloration of the breasts is completely normal, and subsides with recovery. Though there is some initial pain, it usually fades the first few days after surgery. If surgical drains were placed in the breasts, they are normally removed after a day or two. It’s important to note that strenuous physical activity is not permitted for at least a month after surgery has been completed. Heavy lifting, driving, and chores like laundry and cleaning are not permitted for the first two weeks after surgery. Even after recovery, it’s common for there to be some swelling, which can take several weeks to fully subside. After surgery, most patients report an extremely high rate of satisfaction, and feeling like they fully belong in their skin.



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