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Dental Treatment

 Preservation, restoration and replacement of teeth are critical to improve the quality of life and maximize the health esteem.

The whole range of dental services includes bonding, dentures, extractions, implants and porcelain veneers, in addition to complete dental services from planning, to surgery, to final restoration as well as cosmetic and general dentistry are provided by state of the art technology assured by up to date dentists.

  • Implants

  • Smile Designing

  • Bleaching

  • Laminate Veneer

  • Zircon Veneer

  • Crown and Bridges

  • Metal Free Crown and Bridges

  • Aesthetic Fillings


  • Root Canal Treatment

  • Pedodontics

  • Periodontology

  • Gingivoplasti

  • Orthodontics

  • Dental Surgery

  • Laser Dentistry

  • Dermal Feeling

  • Botox

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