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One of the top 17 locations for travellers looking for medical attention nowadays is Turkey.  According to records, in July 2022, 6 million individuals travelled to Turkey just to utilise the country's first-rate healthcare offerings. Medical tourists make up 32% of all patients in the nation!

Turkey's appeal can be attributed to various factors, including:

  • The nation boasts a reasonably priced healthcare system.

  • It has the most hospitals with US accreditation.

  • Most doctors opt to practise and begin their residency in Turkey after receiving their education in Europe and the United States.

If you still need more motivation to go for medical purposes to Turkey, take a look at these benefits:

Turkey offers more affordable surgery

Generally speaking, procedures in Turkey can be up to 90% less expensive, and 67% of people who travel overseas take advantage of this to save money on their private medical care. The importance of their medical solutions is amply demonstrated by that. In addition, cosmetic surgery costs 70% less in Turkey than they do in much of Europe. You can spend less money without sacrificing the efficacy of the treatments you require.

Turkish Airlines offers a special discount to passengers with valid medical documentation. If you add up the cost of your surgery, travel, and lodging, it will still be less expensive than having the same procedure in the majority of western nations, so why not go on vacation at the same time?

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Top-notch hospitals and surgeons

The Turkish healthcare system is unique in that the government supports its growth and modernization, ensuring that it remains at the pinnacle of the field. To upgrade the nation's healthcare infrastructure, the government uses a PPP model (private-public partnership), and private institutions also make improvements to their facilities. As previously noted, foreign-qualified surgeons choose to stay and practise their profession in Turkey in addition to investing, guaranteeing the quality of care is always at the highest possible level.

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Comprehensive in terms of treatment options

Turkey is distinguished from other nations that are well-known for particular forms of medical care. Travellers from all over the world come to Turkey for a variety of procedures, including hair transplants, cancer treatment, dental work, inexpensive in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), and more. They are also well-liked when it comes to smoking and therapy for mental health.

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Rapid response

Since they appreciate the benefits of medical tourism in their country, they treat all of their foreign patients equally. You may schedule a treatment in as short as two weeks, as opposed to other treatments in the UK where you could have to wait approximately 18 months.

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