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Patient with Healthcare Nurse


Planning and organizing medical travel can be stressful and confusing. Familiarity with foreign language and culture, the hospital's level of experience working with international patients, and the severity or complexity of the medical diagnosis are all factors that will affect how difficult it is to get an appointment with the right Turkish medical specialist.


Working with a patient management company saves your time and headaches before your medical journey in Turkey.

Our case management system is set up so we can work with top hospitals and clinics in Turkey. We do not just forward your medical documents to the hospital, but instead, our patient coordinator's team prepares your complete file in a professional way so the doctor has a complete understanding of your diagnosis and medical history.


Our case management structure aligns with the hospital structure, which is one of the reasons we can work with the best hospitals and clinics in Turkey. This approach allows us to organize a well-prepared, efficient medical treatment in Turkey.

Patients can request to visit a specific hospital of their choice, or we can help guide them towards an experienced doctor based on our knowledge of the different hospitals and clinics in Turkey. Hospitals in Turkey are highly specialized, and it is especially important when treating rare or complex conditions to go to a hospital that focuses on the treatment of your condition.

Get Well Healthcare Services assists international patients in receiving high-quality medical care in Turkey. Our proven approach ensures patients will have control over the cost and quality of the treatment they receive in Turkey.


Our Approach Includes 5 Basic Steps

Contact Us

Get Contact with our healthcare consulting team who are multi-language speakers (English, Arabic, and Turkish).

Simply describe your symptoms, diagnosis, and what type of treatment you are looking to receive.

Hospitals & Clinic

Based on the initial information we receive from you, we start communicating with the relevant doctors and hospitals about your best treatment plans. Our team keeps you informed with every step of our communications.

Get Your Treatment Plan

Within 24 to 48 hours you will receive at least 3 detailed treatment plan options from different hospitals and clinics.Our team will explain to you the treatment options in detail including diagnosis, treatment, estimated cost, treating doctor information, and the timeline for your stay in Turkey.

Plan Your Trip

Decide the dates of your travel and we can assist you to book flights, accommodation, transportation and to apply for a visa if required. During your stay in Turkey, you will have your native language translator all the time while having treatment at the hospital.

Return Home Safely

After your treatment is completed and you pass the recovery period, transportation to the airport will be arranged for you so you can take your flight to return home. We will be in touch with you to see how you are doing and how is your process.

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