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Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery 

Cardiology Services Starting from diagnosing, examining, intervention, intensive care and rehabilitation are served with enhanced levels of know-how and state of the art technology.

A broad range of pediatric and adult cardiac surgeries are performed by world class Turkish surgeons.


Heart Surgery

Coronary/Heart Bypass (CABG)


Pacemaker Surgery

Heart Valve Replacement


Heart Valve Repair

Mitral Valve Repair

Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators (ICDs)

Arterial Septal Defect (ASD)

Patent Ductus Artery (PDA)

Vascular & Endovascular Surgery 

Aneurysm Repair

Aortic & Thoracic Endografts

Carotid Stent

Carotid Endarterectomy

Lower Extremity Bypass Surgery & Stent Procedure

Upper Extremity Bypass Surgery & Stent Procedure

Balloon Angioplasty & Stent Implantation

Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery

Interventional Cardiology

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery & Cardiology

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