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FUE Hair Transplantation and DHI Hair Transplantation Techniques

What is #FUE Technique? Follicular Unit Extraction (#FUE) is a hair transplantation technique which has been developed during the introduction of modern technologies in hair implantation and enables untraceable and intensive hair transplantation. FUE is a hair transplant technique that sees each individual follicle being harvested and extracted individually from a donor area on the patient’s scalp. It will then be transplanted back into the scalp through a series of small incisions, usually by an assisting surgeon. These follicles are often taken from the back and sides of the head, as these are most commonly found to be the areas of the healthiest and fullest hair growth. What is #DHI Technique? Direct Hair Implantation (#DHI), also called unshaven hair transplantation, is the most advanced hair transplantation technique. DHI offers full and complete control of the angle, direction and depth in which the individual hair follicle is being implanted, in order to ensure that the end result looks as natural as possible at all times. What Are the Differences Between #FUE Hair Transplantation and #DHI Hair Transplantation Techniques?

  • #DHI gives us the chance to plant the hair without damaging the hair follicles.

  • #FUE can be planted in larger areas, while #DHI can be used more frequently and intensively.

  • Although #FUEtechnique and #DHItechnique are similar in principle, Choi pen is used in #DHI method and special punch tips are used in #FUE method.

  • Since the #DHI is used for individual planting with the pen, the planting process takes longer than the #FUE.

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